I suppose you can consider me a volunteer Research Analyst at this stage in my life; I occasionally work on a few “fictional” books that always turn into “current events” so I have put them on the shelf for now.

I spent many years consulting for mostly Military and government agencies, although I’ve swung the proverbial bat at the commercial industry as well.

I was “a baby” when the internet was a dirt road and Marc Andressen was introducing the first browser.

I cut my teeth as a database administrator for the FAA in the late 80’s, working for BTG Inc, a government contractor in Fairfax, Virginia and supported several contracts for the Navy, Air Force and Marine Corp. Systems Command.

I held a plethora of positions: systems support analyst, network support analyst, security analyst, anything that had *analyst following it, basically. My favorite was Sr. Systems Analyst, for with that came the remarkable experiences such as working with small teams of “graybeard” Engineers on never before implemented (at the time) designs i.e. decision-support systems for Military command units.

I have had the privilege of meeting *many*, many interesting people in the technology industry throughout my journey.

I am using this blog to get out some of the information that swirls around in my mind that I otherwise have no place to put. I decided some time ago to remove many ideas from my books, due to their relevancy of current events.

Email me or feel free to post your comments.  I 100% freedom of speech.  Go for it.


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