Khmer Rouge leaders apologize for Cambodia genocide.

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On this day – December 29 [in 1998]

At a news conference, a Khmer Rouge leader whispers he is “sorry, very sorry” for the groups murderous campaign to cleanse Cambodia of undesirables, including intellectuals and capitalists.

The Khmer Rouge, led by Pol Pot, ruled Cambodia from 1975-’79 and sought to create an agrarian society.

Former Khmer Rouge leaders Khieu Samphan, gestures while saying he is very sorry to Cambodians, as Nuon Chea listens in the background, during a news conference in Phnom Penh on Tuesday Dec. 29, 1998. The two top Khmer Rouge leaders long wanted for genocide arrived by military helicopter at a base outside the capital to meet Hun Sen, who has ruled out putting them on trial. (AP Photo/Ou Neakiry)

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